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The Central Coast SurviveOars

The Central Coast SurviveOars (CCSO) is the founding team of the CCDBA and is now a program under the CCDBA. Beginning in 2007 with a handfull of breast cancer survivors, Team SurviveOars has grown to 100 paddlers strong. Made up of cancer survivors and supporters, men and women, of all ages and of all walks of life. Our paddlers come out for a variety of reasons: for the love of water; camaraderie; exercise; and for the thrill of competition.

No matter what level our SurviveOars are looking for, they can find it out on the bay. Recreational paddlers; competitive paddlers; everyone is welcome.


The SLO Voyagers

The SLO Voyagers are a newly formed team, also a program under the CCDBA, made up of both college age men and women, some of whom have been racing for years as well as rookie paddlers. Most are students from our local college, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Physics sophomore Daniel Simons founded SLO Voyagers during Fall 2017 and joined having no prior knowledge of dragon boat racing.